Dear Madam or Sir,

As you know, the spread of the corona virus abroad and in Germany leads to restrictions in trade and production of goods.

At SKA Sitze, constraints and restrictions have occurred because deliveries from Italy and Spain have been cancelled. Recently, additional constraints and restrictions have been imposed because border controls have been introduced at the borders in Europe and because there are interruptions and absences from work due to individual cases of infection in the factories of the AUNDE Group.

In supplier companies in other European countries, there were interruptions in production or plant closures.

Consequently, SKA Sitze could be unable to supply the Parts to you.

This letter serves as notice that our deliveries of parts to you will be delayed, disrupted or discontinued. As the cause of this disruption is an event outside our control, it was not foreseeable when our contract was entered into and it cannot be avoided or overcome by SKA Sitze, the situation is a Force Majeure situation or an event of excusable delay according to law and contract.

SKA Sitze therefore cannot be held liable for the any disruption in delivery.

It is not currently possible to assess all consequences that the Force Majeure situation will have for our deliveries. We will however revert to you with additional information as soon as possible. Let us also assure you that we are doing what is possible to, mitigate the consequences of the Force Majeure situation, and as far as possible to avoid disruptions in our deliveries.

Please do not hesitate to call your daily contacts for any questions you may have.

Best regards

Timo Schäfer
Management Director
SKA Sitze GmbH