Press Release: SKA Sitze GmbH, October 2016

Interactive, smart fabrics

IS-SYSTEM fabrics: A new innovation from AUNDE – the technology leader in woven, knitted and circular knitted fabrics

The innovative concepts integrated into IS-SYSTEM fabrics are not only visually attractive. They also incorporate unique properties which attracted strong interest at this year’s InnoTrans Berlin. The combination of the IS-PURE® antibacterial system and patented cut protection system from SKA ensures comprehensive protection for passengers and seats. The IS-FRESH®, IS-ACTIVE® and IS-CLEAN® systems use the LOTUS effect to transform your fabric – making it dirt resistant but without compromising the comfort offered by velour upholstery.


IS-FRESH® and IS-ACTIVE® are the future of the textile sector:

  • Self-cleaning technologies in accordance with UV-PCO
  • Antibacterial effectiveness (99.99%)
  • 24h hygiene protection
  • Air purification effect
  • Dirt repellent
  • Binds and eliminates odours
  • Guards against allergies

Certified in accordance with:

  • BS ISO 22197-1:2007 Air purification performance
  • BS ISO 27448:2009 Self-cleaning performance
  • BS ISO 27447: 2009 Antibacterial performance

Rating: Log – 4

IS-CLEAN® offers extensive water repellent protection:

  • Dirt repellent
  • High level of impermeability
  • LOTUS effect for easy cleaning
  • Simple removal of graffiti

Certified in accordance with:

  • Water resistance test: AATC 22-2014 Rating: 100 (ISO 5)

IS-PURE® ensures comprehensive antibacterial protection:

  • Antibacterial performance Log – 3 (99.9%)
  • Binds and eliminates odours
  • Guards against allergies
  • 24h hygiene protection

Certified in accordance with:

  • JIS L 1902 (ISO 20743), antibacterial test

Rating Log – 3 ( 99,9%)

Our modern, tailor-made designs have already won us customers such as KiwiRail in Auckland (NZ).

zdj-5Press Release: SKA Sitze GmbH, October 2016

SKA seats exhibited at the TransExpo trade fair in Kielce, Poland 11. – 13.10.2016

Damiro – a commercial partner of Isringhausen and SKA – exhibited for the first time at the TransExpo trade fair in Kielce (Poland).

The international TransExpo trade fair in Kielce is one of the most important events for the public transportation sector in Central and Eastern Europe.


Our service partner Damiro – as part of its partnership with ISRINGHAUSEN and SKA – exhibited driver’s seats manufactured by ISRINGHAUSEN as well as the innovative NV200 passenger seat for local public transport services from SKA Sitze GmbH.

The large number of visitors and strong interest in products from ISRINGHAUSEN and SKA reflected the success of the trade fair. Damiro’s representatives in the booth had many interesting discussions with operators and vehicle manufacturers. Some of these have already led to preliminary negotiations.

We would like to congratulate Damiro on their outstanding success and look forward to further pioneering partnerships in the future.

Press Release: SKA Sitze GmbH, September 2016

A broad portfolio in a new position at InnoTrans 2016

The AUNDE Group – featuring the brands AUNDE, ISRINGHAUSEN, FEHRER and SKA – will be exhibiting in a new position in Hall 1.1 at InnoTrans from 20 – 23 September 2016. The Group will present a broad portfolio of products ranging from textiles to driver’s and passenger seats for local public transport services.


Visitors will have the opportunity to inspect three models of driver’s seats – the FS 1030/880, FS 6860/885 with tilt adapter and FS 6830KM/880 with control panels and front panel operation. The seats offer a comprehensive overview of the equipment available to meet a very wide range of requirements in the driver’s cab – from static driver’s seats to fully equipped seats with air suspension.

In the passenger sector, the company will present the SKA S100 and SKA NV200 seats as well as the ISRI CIVIC2 conceptual study. The S100 is a robust, non-upholstered lightweight seat which is available in one-, two- and four-seat modules. The NV200 lightweight plastic seat is only available in an upholstered design. It can be supplied with a variety of option features from an anti-graffiti coating to a folding arm rest. The ISRI CIVIC2 range of seats is a conceptual study which combines a modern, robust, lightweight design with a variety of modular features for greater comfort and ergonomics.

AUNDE supplies seat covers to meet the different requirements of the bus and rail sectors respectively. The manufacturer of high quality technical yarns, textiles and seat covers will also present its portfolio at the jointly operated trade fair booth.

The image shows the ISRI CIVIC2 conceptual study

_MG_3953 - KopiePress Release: SKA Sitze GmbH, October 2015

The opening of the expanded company premises and 20th anniversary of the founding of SKA Sitze GmbH were an opportunity for us to celebrate with customers, suppliers and employees on 30.10.2015.

In 2015, ten years after the opening of our premises at “Am Oberwald 7”, we were delighted to open the new, expanded production and office areas. This project increased the company’s production and warehouse areas by 1530 m² to a total of 3825 m2. The extension to the administration building increased office space to a total of 620 m2 and created an addition 40 m² break room.

Over the past 10 years, we have adapted to the constantly changing requirements of the market and extended our product range – especially in the area of niche products for the vehicle industry.

We manufacture passenger seats to meet all customer requirements – from urban and rural buses to trams and underground trains as well as driver’s seats for motorhomes, rail vehicles and buses.

With flexible production techniques and state-of-the-art technologies, we achieve 100% value creation in the area of textile processing. This enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to specific customer demands. Whether you require a series or custom product – we always find the right solution.

Almost from the outset we focused on the area of fire protection specifically for seats in rail vehicles. We build both passenger and driver’s seats designed to meet the latest European fire safety standards. These developments have helped us to win additional customers throughout Europe.

However, we realised we would need a strategic partner to compete on the world stage. In 1999, we teamed up with Isringhausen. With its global outlook in large series production, the company works together with us to serve the niche market. Access to metal structures produced in large series coupled with the know-how to modify these parts for small series production allows us to create solutions to meet all our customers’ requirements in the areas of caravans, rail vehicles and buses.

We not only manufacture customised products. No, our company also tests all products independently in accordance with the corresponding certification standards. SKA Sitze GmbH is therefore more than a supplier – we are a service partner capable of meeting all the needs of our customers.


We currently employ 50 staff and serve the following product areas:

  • Passenger seats for local bus and rail services

  • Passenger seats for motorhomes, rail vehicles and buses

  • Bench seats, beds and custom equipment for Mercedes Benz trucks

  • Cut protection solutions and upholstery for local public transport services

  • Comprehensive design and homologation services in the area of seats

Current production volume per year:

  • approx. 25,000 passenger seats for buses, trams, underground and local trains

  • approx. 6,500 motorhome driver’s seats, of which over 50% supplied with genuine leather upholstery.

  • approx. 1,000 driver’s seats with fire protection for rail vehicles.

  • approx. 1,000 driver’s seats for MAN buses

The decision taken in 2005 to build at the site at Am Oberwald in Wörth can be seen as the foundation for the rapid growth of the company over the past 10 years. However, our highly qualified employees and low level of staff turnover have also been key to ensuring our success in the global marketplace.

Press Release: SKA Sitze GmbH 2015, September

NTS combines flexibility and comfort

Modular NTS seats from ISRINGHAUSEN and its partner SKA Sitze GmbH offer a wide range of high quality options for equipping driver’s cabs in rail vehicles.

The requirements relating to driver’s seats in rail vehicles are high. As well as current safety and quality standards SKA seat systems also comply with the fire protection standard according to EN 45545:2013. SKA is certified as a Q1 supplier to Deutsche Bahn AG and supplies a wide range of driver’s seats from the NTS product line as a partner of ISRINGHAUSEN.

The range of driver’s seats offers the right seat for every application. The basic model is a static seat. For more exclusive applications, the airsprung seat with integrated compressor and premium seat with air suspension ensure a high level of seating comfort in the workplace.

Comfortable SKA seating systems include equipment such as automatic weight compensation, adjustable dampers, height, tilt and backrest adjustment. Important ergonomic properties like shoulder adaptation, lateral frames and pneumatic lumbar support as well as an ergonomically shaped upholstery complete the equipment catalogue. This allows the seat system to be adapted perfectly to the driver’s needs.

Renowned rolling stock manufacturers and train operators have put their trust in proven seating systems from SKA and Isringhausen for many years. In addition to Berlin S-Bahn trains, railways in Stuttgart and Hanover are currently being equipped with SKA seats for their driver’s cabs.