Over recent years, SKA Sitze GmbH has established itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of seats for the bus, rail and motorhome sectors. A large part of this success is attributable to the exemplary partnerships we have with our customers. Constructive discussions constantly sharpen our focus, provide inspiration for innovative new features and improve quality. So our customers and developers play a key role in setting the standards for outstanding products from SKA.

  • Premium seats promise comfort whatever sector they have been designed for. But what features lift a premium seat above its competitors?

  • What attributes define the perfect passenger seat on a local bus or in a railway carriage?

  • And what properties does a discerning motorhome aficionado expect from a luxury liner?

We have been finding the right answers to these questions for many years. Naturally, expectations vary between sectors. That’s why SKA engineers have to be dedicated and absorb a great deal of know-how to develop our pioneering products. They must also listen carefully to our customers. The results of this expertise and close cooperation are high quality products and modular system solutions which set new benchmarks in terms of safety and comfort. Naturally, they meet all statutory safety standards and requirements. But they also deliver a feeling of quality and comfort that customers sense immediately.

Once you have sat in an SKA driver’s seat, you will understand why ergonomics are at the forefront of our development processes. Every day, positive feedback from customers and users provides fresh motivation for our team led by Managing Directors Timo Schäfer and Klaus Ade. They manage a process of continuous development based on sustainable thinking, stable growth and a focus on customer satisfaction.